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Proposed FY 2018 County Budget Makes Its Debut


By Lynda Jones

The proposed county budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 made its debut at the Tuesday, July 25, Houston County Commissioners Court meeting. The proposed budget is based upon a proposed 3 cent property tax increase. Titled "Version 1," the proposed budget includes the following changes from the FY 2017 budget as explained by County Judge Jim Lovell: - No new fees/increased fees collected; - (-$73,500) reduced requirement for debt service payment – refinancing in FY 2016; - $130,000 reduced prior year carry-over from FY 2016; - $10,000, increase in expenses in health insurance with decreased coverage - $10,000 increase in expenses in retirement matching rate (5.79→6.03; $12,500 increase in grant match for victim assistance coordinator in county attorney's office; $11,000 increase in equipment budget for video surveillance system at jail; $10,000 increase in unfunded state costs related to DPS crime lab/forensic testing; $25,000 increase in court appointed attorneys in CPS/civil court cases; $100,000 increase for 2 percent Cost of Living Adjustment for employees; $15,000 additional longevity for current policy; $17,000 additional budget for full time clerk in treasurer's office (less part time clerk budget); $(-$12,000) reduce budget for change in salary in IT Department; $41,000 additional budget for one additional full time jailer in county jail; $10,000 additional budget for "paid time off" for turnover expenses in county jail' $43,000 additional budget for pay scale adjustment to jail staff (administrator, lieutenant, sergeants, jailers) (5 percent, 10 percent); $77,700 additional funding for road and bridge precincts; $5,000 increased base salary for county sheriff. The enumerated changes represent a $441,700 increase over the FY 2017 budget which totaled $6,730,669.15. The proposed FY 2018 budget (Version


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