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Wondering About Your Prescriptions?


The staff at the Crockett Clinic on Loop 304 in Crockett issued the following statement Friday afternoon, June 30: "The Crockett Clinic has been managed by Timberlands for the past three months. With the hospital closing, the Crockett Clinic was forced to close, Friday, June 30. Doctors Frank Smith, Richard Kelly and Chris Haeckler are working diligently to reorganize the clinic so that they can reopen soon. We greatly appreciate the caring, concern and support of the community. "If you are a Crockett Clinic patient and need prescription refills from your mail order or local pharmacy, please take your bottles to a local pharmacy. We will authorize refills for up to 90 days so you can maintain your health. We look forward to serving our patients soon."

The Timberlands Healthcare Rural Health Clinic (building adjoining the hospital), also closed on Friday, June 30. One of the doctors there, Dr. Brandon Hurlburt, used Facebook to reach out to his patients this week: Due to the circumstances, I am not able to give the customary 30 days notice for the practice closing. If you are my patient and have not been able to get an appointment to see me, PLEASE call your pharmacy and request that they send an ELECTRONIC refill request to me for any prescription medications that I have prescribed for you. I am doing my best to make sure that everyone has several months worth of medication before my clinic closes so that there will be plenty of time for you to find another physician. I have too many patients for me to just run down the list and send prescriptions. I will keep my medical record system active for 2 weeks after the clinic closes on Friday (June 30). After that, I will not be able to continue filling medications for my patients in Houston County. To be clear. I will not receive faxed refill requests after Thursday this week (June 29) because there will be no fax line. Requests must be sent BY THE PHARMACY ELECTRONICALLY. I will not refill controlled substances after Thursday this week due to liability concerns. Two weeks from Friday, June 30, I will convert my medical records to READ ONLY for maintenance purposes and will no longer be able to refill medications.


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