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Public Schools Closely Watching SB3


By Lynda Jones Editor-in-Chief news@hccourier.com "I have been an opponent of public school vouchers throughout my career because they're just not good for all children," Crockett ISD Superintendent Terry Myers told the Courier on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Myers referenced an editorial written by a school attorney and a Leander ISD board vice president -- Blake G. Powell and Pam Waggoner (See "Step Right Up -- Free Money For All" on Page A3.) Myers stated he is in agreement with every argument presented in the editorial piece. Senate Bill 3, if it becomes law, will provide parents with vouchers for private or home school expenses. "If we do this, it will create a situation where we develop a caste system or segregation based on economics," Myers said. He explained that poor African Americans, poor Hispanics, poor Caucasians ... anyone who is poor, still won't be able to afford a private school. In most cases those families won't have the means to transport their children to private schools, Meyers said. "We would just be subsidizing those who already can afford to send their kids (to private schools). Meyers stated a reminder, "Public schools are the very thread that holds this country together." He cited several services that public schools provide, such as free meals, free transportation, assistance with completing financial aid forms to help students get to college and counseling. He further noted that public schools are a place of safety. Public schools provide education for all students, including those with special needs. Meyer said private schools select the types of students they accept and they typically don't provide special education services. In Texas, Meyers said, 98% of children attend public schools, and it's a very good education. "We're actually doing very well," Meyers said. "Public schools today are not just responsible for educating children, we're responsible for raising children."


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