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Someone Stole His Fish's Water


By Lynda Jones

A Crockett man went to jail on Tuesday, Jan. 31, for allegedly making a Terroristic Threat Against a Public Servant, a Misdemeanor A offense, and for alleged Disorderly Conduct, a Misdemeanor C offense. Anthony David Weeks, 47, was arrested by the Crockett Police Department (CPD) and charged with the two offenses. The incident began with the dispatch of officers to a disturbance in progress and involving two men in the 200 block of South Tenth Street, according to the CPD Booking Slip. A man allegedly was on the roof of the residence throwing various objects onto the ground. One responding officer stated, "I could instantly smell a very strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from Weeks while he was speaking with me. Weeks informed myself and (other officer) that someone had broken into his room and killed his fish by stealing their water." After Weeks allegedly mentioned he had tried to stab someone, the two officers began a pat down search and reportedly located a kitchen knife in Weeks' back pocket. While asking Weeks why he would try to stab someone, he allegedly told one of the officers that he (Weeks) was going to stab the officer if the officer didn't have a warrant. Furthermore, Weeks allegedly said he would stab anyone coming into his room or house. Prior to the officers' arrival, Weeks allegedly was yelling and screaming profanities and some neighbors thought he was personally yelling at them, according to the booking slip. Weeks was arrested on the two charges mentioned earlier and transported to the Houston County Jail.


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