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Inhaling Leads To Arrest By CPD


By Alton Porter
News Reporter

Allegedly inhaling an intoxicating, hallucinatory or euphoric substance in the presence of a police patrol officer and resisting a search and arrest landed a woman in the Houston County Jail Lacey Raine Jones was arrested and booked into the jail Tuesday, Oct. 31, on criminal charges for the alleged offenses of possession, use, inhaling or ingesting the volatile chemical Dust Off and resisting arrest, search or transportation. The arrest took place shortly after 3:30 p.m. after Corporal Todd Little and Officer Bray Walter of the Crockett Police Department were dispatched to the Wal-Mart SuperCenter, 1225 East Loop 304, Crockett, Walter wrote in a report. Walter noted he and Little were sent to the scene "in reference to a welfare concern on a female wearing camouflage clothes." "Upon arrival," he said, "we made contact with two white females parked in a red Ford F-150 pickup. Jones was the passenger in the truck." While Little talked to the driver, Walter said, "I proceeded to talk to the passenger, later identified as Lacey Jones. Jones was wearing camouflaged clothes." Walter reported Jones refused his request to step out of the vehicle, and when he asked her if she knew why the officers were called to the scene, she answered 'No' and became more agitated. As he talked to her, he reported, he saw a pack of four canisters of what looked like Dust Off that "she was attempting to conceal inside of her overalls. When asked what the canisters were, Jones replied, 'It's my medicine.'" Walter stated, "Through training and knowledge gained while working as a police officer, I know that Dust Off can be used as an inhalant used to create or induce a condition of intoxication, hallucination, or elation." He reported, "I then opened the door to ask Jones to step out (of the truck) once more. Jones then put her lips to the canister, and she pressed the trigger releasing the gas inside. "I could hear the air escape and Jones inhale it in. I then ordered Jones out and attempted to take the canisters from Jones. Jones jerked away and would not release the canisters. So, I grabbed her arm and escorted Jones out of the vehicle and to the ground to restrain her." The officer reported he then "began to struggle with Jones, as Corporal Little grabbed onto Jones, and we took her to the ground. It took both me and Corporal Little to overpower her to place both her hands behind her back and into handcuffs." Walter wrote, "EMS (Emergency Medical Services) checked by because Jones was bleeding from a finger." "Once Jones was detained in the patrol unit, I inspected the canisters. On the back, the canister reads: 'INHALANT ABUSE PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT: This product contains a bittering agent to help discourage inhalant abuse. The misuse and abuse of this product by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the chemical contents is a serious health hazard and can result in fatality. Please use this product as it was intended and responsibly." Before she was transported to the Houston County Jail and booked into the facility, Walter said, Jones was taken to CHI (Catholic Health Initiatives) St. Luke's Health Memorial hospital in Lufkin and medically cleared.


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