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Moore-Frye-Eckles Memorial Scholarship available to seniors throughout county
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The Moore-Frye-Eckles Scholarship is presented both in memory of and in honor of three high school students: Horace Moore Jr., John Frye Jr. and Danny Eckles Jr. These young men were killed in an automobile accident in July 1961, after the senior year for Moore and Eckles, and the junior year for Frye. While in high school, these young men made quite a difference to a lot of lives. They were good students, excellent athletes and good citizens for the community. They belonged to various clubs in school, attended church and were participants in life. It was a tragic loss. But the true tragedy would have been to forget them. From tragedy quite often something really good can take place; it is called the Moore-Frye-Eckles Memorial Scholarship. After so many years, these three young men are still making a difference to a lot of lives. These young men missed the opportunity to go to college like so many and to participate in that part of life, but the story doesn't stop there. Each year, graduating seniors from Crockett High School have represented them. That opportunity now is available not just for Crockett, but for the home schooled, Latexo, Lovelady, Grapeland and Kennard High Schools. Jerry Davis received the first-ever Moore-Frye-Eckles Memorial Scholarship in the spring of 1962. It was $200. Through generous contributions and memorial gifts, the board is able to provide funds for several students and give a lot more money. The board looks for students who have been members of high school organizations, i.e., National Honor Society, Drama Club and Student Council. They have held offices in these organizations and still had time to make outstanding grades and participate in the community. In short, they are hard workers with determination to set goals and accomplish dreams. The board's determination is to help them reach that goal. The board is merely the messenger for this good news. The contributions from this area are the real bones of this scholarship process. To those who have given, the board thanks you. To those who want to give, send your contributions to: Susan Park, P.O. Box 1248, Crockett, Texas 75835, and make your check, large or small, to the M-F-E Scholarship. This is one of many scholarships available to seniors through the counseling office of the high schools. Students are urged to visit with the counselors to improve their financial picture for college. Within the first several months of next year, an application will appear at the counselor's office of each high school. The board urges students to ask their counselors for an application or connect with the board directly. Send a request to the address shown above and the board will promptly send an application. The board wishes all students a good school year and the opportunity to improve their grades for scholarship availability in the spring.


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