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Kennard getting ready for start of new school year
Houston County Courier

By Jill Thompson
Principal Kennard High School

Six weeks from today we will be in school (I am writing this article on Monday, July 15)! Students have been dropping by to visit with me, inquire about schedules, and ask how one woman can have such a love of the color purple. I ordered several tiger posters. I hope the 3-D Tiger poster doesn't scare me some morning! What is new for the 2013- 2014 school year? This year we will have seven class periods instead of eight! Of course, this means that each class will be a few minutes longer. There will be four minutes between classes. Three classes are being offered with a two-period practicum. The newest class being offered as a practicum is the robotics class; we will be a force to be reckoned with in this fi eld—watch out East Texas! Mrs. Ann English is the teacher for this class. The master schedule has been tweaked so many times one teacher said it resembled '50 shades of purple'! School begins at 8 a.m.; as of today, classes will be dismissed at 3:12 pm. There still might be an adjustment or two to fi nalize the schedule. Volleyball practice begins Monday, Aug. 5, at 8:30 am! Several girls have been by the offi ce asking if I like volleyball or if I will go to any of their games. Ladies, I publicly promise to be one of your most loyal fans!! As you are shopping for school clothes, remember holey jeans for males or females are not allowed in our dress code. No see-through clothing is allowed. We do not wear house shoes and pajamas to school. Ladies, spaghetti straps are not permissible; cleavage must not be displayed. Do not buy shirts that advertise or promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, gangs and/or obscenities. Sagging jeans are not permitted. Buy at least one item with a bright color!?! The 2013-2014 seventh and eighth grade school supply list includes; 2- one inch 3-ring binder with pockets, 6-spiral or composition notebooks/ journals, 5 packages of wide ruled notebook paper, plastic subject dividers, a large package of #2 pencils, black or blue pens, red pens, small pencil sharpener, 4 colors of highlighters, a pink pearl eraser, 2 boxes of Kleenex, 1 package each of 3x5 and 4x6 note cards, 6 glue sticks, adult scissors, washable markers, three ring pencil pouch, a pocket dictionary, a fl ash drive, pocket folder without brads-m a box of map pencils/colors, and a package of construction paper. The high school list will be listed next week. I have always liked buying school supplies. In fact, I look for unique items every place I shop. My former counselor, Irma Salazar, gave me the most unique gift several years ago. This gift is made out of a small glass bowl, a tiny fl ower pot, and a biscuit cutter. Her sister painted the fl ower pot and biscuit cutter various shades of purple and painted hearts, fl owers and butterfl ies on these parts. In addition, she put purple 'gems' n the edges! When school starts, I'll restock it with chocolate for my teachers; now it is fi lled with unique erasers - come by my offi ce, everyone needs to see this! While running copies in the teacher's workroom, I heard a voice discussing logarithms. I bet I resembled a West Texas prairie dog as I looked around wondering where this wonderful description was originating. Walking away from the copier, I followed the aroma of the mathematical jargon and meandered next door! The Math Wizard of East Texas, Audrey Cravens from Latexo, was challenging four Kennard students! I am honored to get to meet a legend; thank you, Mrs. Cravens, for teaching our Kennard students this summer. Have I mentioned lately what awesome students attend KISD?


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