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Aggies bringing chemical magic
Houston County Courier

The Texas A&M Chemistry Roadshow is bringing a program full of fire, smoke and things that ooze to Grapeland at 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 26, at First Christian Memorial Church in Grapeland. "We have lots of great programs at the library this summer," said librarian Dianna Coldiron, "but I think the Chemistry Roadshow may be the most popular. The folks from Texas A&M are bringing a genie that escapes from a bottle, elephant toothpaste and various things that ooze, change and blow up." The presentation promises to be more than just a magic show. "The presenters are chemists having fun, and they explain along the way what we're seeing. They also include a fair amount of audience participation. It's really a great show," Coldiron stated. The Roadshow program is free and appropriate for all ages. "I think grandparents will enjoy it as much as their grandchildren," added Harry W. Pridgen, library board president. "The board of the First Christian Memorial agreed to let us use that beautiful building for this event, which is wonderful news, because everyone should have a good view of the stage," Pridgen noted. Coldiron suggested that people come early. "The show starts with a bang, and you don't want to miss it." The roadshow is part of the library's "Passport to Summer" programs. "We won't be stamping passports at the Roadshow event, so stop by the library on your way and we'll stamp your Passport," Coldiron suggested.


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