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Youth with a mission to descend on Crockett
Houston County Courier

Armed with hammers and paintbrushes, more than 120 workers with a mission will descend on Crockett, Kennard, Grapeland and Lovelady, as part of U. M. ARMY (United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth) June 17-21. High school and college -age volunteers and accompanying adults each pay $215 to spend a week helping those unable to help themselves with free home repairs. They will be busy with wheelchair ramps, roof repairs, porch work, hand rails, build steps, replace windows and much more. This army of volunteers is coming from Kingwood United Methodist Church in Kingwood (North Houston). Referrals for possible clients are given to the U. M. Army by media outlets, state and local agencies and local churches. Individuals may also nominate persons in need of these services. Over 4,000 participants will compose U. M. ARMY during the 2013 season in over 48 different cities helping an estimated 1,500 needy families. Among the many awards given to U.M. ARMY for its 32 years of service are several statewide recognitions: a volunteerism award from the Texas Department of Human Services and two runner-up Governor's Awards. While in the Crockett area, participants will stay at the First United Methodist Church. They prepare their own meals, sleep at the church, bring their own tools and purchase their own materials for the week. To qualify for consideration for these free home repairs the client must be elderly, disabled and/or low income. The U. M. Army does not work on rental property, level houses or do electrical or plumbing work. If you or someone you know could benefit from the work of these volunteers, contact Brenda, First United Methodist Church of Crockett at 936-544-2044 or email crockettfumc@ windstream.com.


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