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Fagan feted at Hall of Fame event


By Beverly Cockrell

Last week, the Times reported that Gerald Fagan, former Corrigan-Camden High School band director, was recently inducted into the Band Director Hall of Fame. Fagan served as an inspiration to countless students, band directors and music lovers across the state and beyond. Recently hired C-CHS band director Jospeh Acker is one of Fagan's ardent supporters as well as a good friend. Acker attended Fagan's induction and offered these words about the honor bestowed upon his mentor. "Mr. Fagan spent probably more of his career in Corrigan than any other school. But his legacy to band is shared with communities all over East Texas. My first contact with Mr. with the exception of those that are obscene, vulgar, threatening, involve gang signs or are offensive. The explanation is that times are changing; the new sports stars have body art on all parts of their body, movie personalities also sport visible artwork. If parents permit it, it should not cause a child to go to suspension or be fined for having visible tattoos. The official wording of these changes will be printed for student clarification when the handbook is distributed, on the school website, available at www. ccisdtx.net. School will start with a new food service director, Debbie Huesae — call her Miss Debbie — who brings 20-plus years of experience in cafeteria management to the position. The same company is still operating the cafeteria, there is just a new face in management. In reviewing the budget for the coming year, Hughes said the retirement of teachers and realignment of some classes appears to have helped reduce the proposed 20117-18 budget by close to $100,000. The board will work with a figure of $3,931,201, based on a projected student body of 800 (240 high schoolers). There is a $50,000 contingency fund for major issues, and one teacher's salary, which is not assigned, as a backup if anything occurs. The board tabled reading of updates to the local police, educational material, and accepted the minutes of the June's meeting. The consent agenda covered the 4-H resolution, making it a sanctioned program under the "no pass, no play" rule. They also accepted grant funds for Texas Virtual Rural School Network. They approved a contract with Linebarger, Goggin, Blair, and Sampson for tax collection; the fees are covered in the state penalties for late payment. They renewed the workers compensating insurance for 2017-18. The district has agreements for Big Sandy and Goodrich to use the DAEP building on a cooperative program. Each district will furnish transportation for their students and share the cost of the facility; which is owned by C-CISD. C-CISD discusses budget, policies for coming 2017-18 school year Fagan was in Rusk where he was my JH and HS Band Director. Some of the other communities that Mr. Fagan taught in are Livingston, Coldspring, Cleveland, Willis, Center, Troup, L.D. Bell HS in Bedford, Hallsville, Tarkington, and I think possibly Big Sandy and Joaquin but not positive about the last two. (I am not able to say for certain that this is the complete list of schools he worked with) The profound influence he had over East Texas bands was more than just with students. It lives on in his students that became Band Directors and other Directors that he mentored over the years. He seemed to specialize over the years in taking bands that were on the ropes and bringing them back to life to achieve stunning victories. His attention to and polish of the details and nuances of musical performance are what sets his work apart from so many others." "I am grateful along with so many others in this community to have had Mr. Fagan for a teacher and am fortunate to count him as a friend and mentor in my adult and professional life. This is a tremendous honor for Mr. Fagan to be included in the Band Director Hall of Fame but not surprising to me. He earned it everyday he went to work for over 40 years," Acker stated. Many Corrigan-Camden students were fortunate to have had Gerald Fagan at the helm of its music program for many years and even more fortunate to have Joseph Acker back to again teach and inspire students.


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