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City approves plan to get VFD funding


By Lew Vail

CORRIGAN -- In a move to provide more assistance to the Corrigan Volunteer Fire Department, the Corrigan City Council approved a plan that will ask its utility customers to donate $1 per month for fire safety. In her presentation to the council, Mayor Johnna Lowe Gibson said the CVFD needs more men and women to a more active part in providing fire safety in the community and that asking for a donation of $1 per month is one step everyone can take to begin the process. These donated funds will be placed in a separate account and will not be comingled with city funding. Council approved the request and in a separate vote approved opening an account for the VFD funds. In other business, Ben Rosenberg of U.S. Capital addressed council regarding how he can be of assistance in requesting funding from Texas Water Development board. The funds would assist the city's effort to enlarge the sewer system to accommodate the RoyOMartin oriented strand board plant due to open in 2018. Grant funds obtained through the county have been used to complete the water connection to the plant. Council, after being assured that the city attorney Luan Tatum had approved the contract, voted to engage U.S. Capital for the project. Kevin Cashion, representing Gollob Martin Peddy LLP accountants, presented the 2016 annual audit. The city received a clear report, and the fund balances are sufficient. Cashion said their debt is well in line with their operating budget and they have a strong position to continue growth from. Council accepted the report and a copy is available in the city secretary's office during business hours. Max Willson, a Corrigan-Camden school student, had accompanied the mayor, City Manager Darrian Hudman, and a council member to Austin recently and he presented a report to council on why he feels House Bill 2, a tax revision bill, is not in the best interest of the city of Corrigan. This is part of his class requirement. Council approved a resolution asking the Texas Senate to vote no to this version of the bill. Hudman has been working on obtaining new traffic signals but the Texas Department of Transportaton has said Corrigan does not need them at this time. Hudman asked council to pass a resolution seeking three signals, for FM 242, FM 1987 and by the post office. The resolution will be sent to TxDOT for action and if denied in writing, that refusal will be on file should any litigation regarding lack if traffic control arise. Municipal Court Judge Wayne Yankie added he counted more than 800 traffic light violations in the past two years. Council approved the resolution. City Attorney Luan Tatum asked council to waive the Housing Authority Pilot Fees for 2014, 15 and 16. This will allow them to provide services to the residents. Housing Authority funds are in short supply at this time. Council approved the motion. A motion to add stop signs was tabled to allow the city attorney to review all ordinances. The council will conduct a workshop to make any updates and changes necessary. In his municipal court report, Yankie listed three alcohol related cases, 35 misdemeanors, four ordinance violations and 484 traffic cases during February. Police Chief Darrell Gibson reported the department made 38 arrests, issued 952 citations, made 177 calls for service, conducted 1,406 building checks and worked 31 cases. They forwarded 12 cases to the Polk County District Attorney for further action. There were four accidents and no fatalities during February. The fire department made 22 calls for service during the month. Minutes of the February meeting and financial reports were approved. During the opening of the council meeting the pledge to the Texas flag was added to the American pledge and prayer.


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