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Suspect arrested in connection with 2015 city park arson


By Chris Edwards

CORRIGAN – An arrest was made on a suspect in the arson investigation of the city park, which occurred in March of 2015. Don Herman Botley, Jr., age 22, of Corrigan, was booked into Polk County Jail on Friday, February 10, initially on criminal trespass and assault charges. Corrigan Police Department received additional information on Botley that placed him at the scene of the crime on March 5, 2015. According to Corrigan Chief of Police Darrell Gibson, a detective is still working on the case, and authorities are looking at another suspect. On the morning of the incident, a resident living close to the park, on MLK Street, called and reported a fire on the premises. Personnel with the Corrigan Volunteer Fire Department and Corrigan PD responded to the call. Playground equipment was damaged in the blaze, and an initial estimate placed the damages at around $40,000. Chief Gibson said the a p p r o x i - mate damages amount to $39,000 to the park, which opened in September of 2014. In addition to the two initial charges, Botley is now being held on a second-degree felony arson charge and a thirddegree felony criminal mischief charge. His bonds total $35,000.


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