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Two C-CHS teachers are 'slide-certified'


By Beverly Cockrell CORRIGAN – This past week, November 15 -17, Corrigan- Camden High School teachers Melissa Rabano and Eliza Watts flew to Atlanta, Georgia, for a two-day training at the renowned Ron Clark Academy. The Academy is famous for all kinds of reasons but primarily for its innovative and fun-filled teacher training complete with workshops and a slide. Once one attends the training, he or she can ride the big, blue slide in the middle of the school and become "slide certified." C-CISD is proud to announce that these two teachers are officially "slide certified" and are ready to share and implement the many techniques and methodology gleaned from this extraordinary experience. Ron Clark is well-known in the world of education as a teacher who left his small town and moved to Harlem in response to a teacher shortage and low test scores in innercity New York. His unique charisma and determination turned that school around and since this time, Clark has carried his message through numerous books and even a movie chronicling his success. Today, the Ron Clark Academy stands as a model for teacher training in order for teachers to recreate the Academy's style and success in their own schools. Mrs. Rabano is the Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, and Pre-Calculus teacher as well as the Gifted and Talented Coordinator at the high school. Familiar with Clark's accomplishments, Mrs. Rabano was already a fan of Clark's methodology prior to the trip. "The experience was transformative and that the things we saw and learned were amazing and I can't wait to implement them! Definitely the experience of a lifetime! Plus, I had an awesome partner to share the trip with," stated Mrs. Rabano. Mrs. Watts, C-CHS English I teacher, stated that she is "coming home better." Thanks to these two fabulous teachers for taking time away from their respective families and students to attend this awesome training and come back to share with staff.


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