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C-CISD Supt. gives updates on campus projects


By Beverly Cockrell

Suffice it to say that Corrigan- Camden ISD has weathered the storm. Literarlly. Despite hurricanes, floods, and other weather related maladies, C-CISD has managed to fare well. While the elementary campus did suffer from water damage from aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, all campuses have held up and ongoing projects resumed on a timely schedule and the reality of all this hard work by so many is coming to fruition. Final touches continue to take place at the C-CISD Agricultural Sciences building. This past weekend, for instance, workers were busy building the covered walkways for students, teachers, and staff on the north side of the campus. These walkways connect the Ag Sciences building with the main campus as well as provide bus riders a convenient and safe route to class. Students can now enjoy walking to and from the main building without the hassle of having to worry too much about Mother Nature. "This was part of the work left to be completed from the Bond Project. It was done by eContractors - the construction company rebuilding the ag barn. There remain a few touchups to finish and some corrections we are not happy with, but we are so close and it's such an improvement. It was our original plan to have the walkway because of the number of students going to and from class in the ag barn during rainy weather. Just another way to try to improve the facilities with the needs of students in mind," Sherry Hughes, Corrigan-Camden ISD Superintendent, said. As well, the C-CHS cafetorium and C-C Junior High cafeteria have recently replaced dining tables and chairs. Hughes stated that it was time that the equipment in both cafeterias be replaced. "We had limited tables and they were old and worn. Last year at Midwinter Conference, I saw them on display and loved them. I knew we needed new ones, but I wanted to be able to give our kids something nice. I also liked the design (especially the wheels) because it would make it easier for our custodians to clean and move tables. So, we were fortunate to be able to have funds to invest in them and ordered this summer." "The tables at the elementary are newer and already have a similar design," said Hughes. When asked about any other future updates, Hughes responded, "We are always constantly evaluating the needs of the facilities, students, and staff. There are a few projects that will be underway to do some repairs due to flood / wind damage during Hurricane Harvey. Of course, our goal is to be able to invest available funds to make ongoing improvements. There are some issues at the elementary with flooring and restrooms and some upgrades to computer labs that we have been discussing." With several schools in the Houston and surrounding area completely devastated and closed down, C-CISD was fortunate there is so little that needed or still needs repair. A large round of applause to Sherry Hughes and the C-CISD School Board for the upgrades and for looking out for the needs of our educational facilities and most importantly, for the needs of our children.


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