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Chester receives Entergy grant

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by Michael G. Maness

City of Chester received a grant from Entergy at its council meeting Monday evening, Feb. 6. Mayor Floyd Petri convened the city council of Chester at its regular meeting. He led in the pledges of allegiance to the U.S. and Texas flags, and guest Michael Maness led the invocation. Petri pre-empted the agenda to welcome Sam Bethea, customer service manager from Entergy for Hardin and Tyler Counties, who had a grant check for $950 to give to the city for its park improvements. Bethea and Chester Director of Public Works Dale Clamon worked on the particulars of the grant. Petri and the council have been steadily working on improving the park piece by piece. Grants from Entergy can be applied for through their web site or one can contact Bethea directly (SBethea@Entergy.com). Briskly, the council proceeded through its agenda, approving the financial statements for the city and the Chester Gas Company. The council approved for the city hall to be used for elections. Petri informed the board on his progress to get a sign for the city hall made at the Gib Lewis State Prison. City Assistant Clerk Charlot Thomas reported on her research for Petri regarding legal standards for the city park playground equipment. She presented relevant clips from the rather large "Public Playground Safety Handbook" published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Petri mentioned several concerns and determined it was best to consult with other cities on their compliance and tabled action to the next council meeting. In other business, Petri mentioned the information he received from the U.S. Census Bureau. He had officially acknowledged receipt and outlined their expectations for the upcoming 2020 census. In sum, if the city had any new streets and addresses to add to what they had on file, the city would send in the appropriate revisions. The city adjourned in good spirits with Bethea staying behind to answer follow-up questions on Entergy's cost-savings and efficiency resources for residents.

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