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Man attempts to run from police, resists then suffers suspected seizure

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By Valerie Reddell

Woodville police responded to a call on Cob Mill Road in Woodville on Monday when a caller reported suspicious activity. Officer Zachary Zachary responded and located the man who attempted to flee, but was apprehended in the parking area of Horton's Automotive. As the suspect resisted Zachary's efforts to identify and check on the man, the physical altercation drew the attention of a pit bull that lives on the property. Zachary narrowly avoided being bitten and the other was able to attract the dog's attention and remove him to a safer location. Zachary subdued the man— identified as Thomas Marshall Couch, 32 — with assistance from other officers. They later determined Couch had outstanding warrants from Polk County for criminal trespass and bond forfeiture for that charge. As Zachry attempted to place handcuffs on the suspect, he began to exhibit signs of seizure activity and he was taken to Tyler County Hospital by EMS for evaluation. The suspect was later released and booked into Tyler County on the existing charges as well as resisting arrest.

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