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'Golden Girls' brings welcome laughter

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The hit TV sitcom 'Golden Girls' came to life this weekend at the Lakeside Theater Company's Ivanhoe Civic Center. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia brought wave after wave of laughter to a weather weary audience, and it was much appreciated. The cast obviously had so much fun portraying their roles that the joy was contagious. The performance presented three episodes of the original sitcom, 'Golden Girls' with two 10 minute intermissions between the three "mini-plays". Gayle Forsberg, director, and Cathy Bennett, assistant director searched for and found talented actors and actresses from all over Tyler County; and each character seemed to be uniquely suited to his or her role. Lynn Lewis as Dorothy, Amy Bythewood as Blanche, Barbara Morris as Rose and Shelby Smith as Sophia knew their characters inside out, and took every opportunity to make certain they got the most from every comedic moment. From the opening scene with Dorothy helping Sophia decide what to give a relative for a wedding gift (possibly a neck lift), to the cat fight near the end between Dorothy, Blanche and Rose, each line was delivered in true 'Golden Girls' style. For almost everyone, it brought back memories of their youth when they watched 'Golden Girls' in the late 80's and early 90's for the first time. "The Housekeeper" opened the play with Tracy Spencer beautifully portraying Marguerite, the Cajun housekeeper, charming accent and all. In the middle of it all, a mysterious parachute jumper played by David Herrington, paid the girls a visit by landing through the ceiling of their house. Bob Boykin expertly played Dorothy's ex-husband, Stanley, in the next act, "If at Last You Do Succeed…". A cameo role was awarded to Dot Muller. She portrayed a perfect the harden ex-con, Midge. In the last act "The Flu", all three girls came down with the flu just before the charity banquet, the biggest event of the year. So much sniffling, snuffling and coughing took place that they even had the audience convinced they were contagious. Of course, wily, yet sweet, Sophia planted a seed about the banquet's Best Friend of the Friends of Good Health Award; and the girls were off and running to see who could best who in dress and date as each envisioned herself as the winner. Of course, in the end, Sophia had them all bamboozled by winning the award and having the best date, played by the hilarious David Herrington. The only disappointment in this play is that it only ran one weekend. The reason for that is that they must prepare for their upcoming performance of 'Death by Dessert' a dinner theater murder mystery on Nov. 10, 11 & 12. Following that will be Santaland Diaries, (for mature elves only) Dec. 7-10.

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